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A Beautiful Baby Afghan

Many, many months ago, I finished a baby afghan for a young couple having their first baby. I figure that I’d better post about the afghan before the child is old enough to go to college! Ha. Most of you know that I came back to crochet after a 20+ year absence. The pattern for […]

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The Pleasure of Grilled Veggies

One of my favorite foods is simple, grilled vegetables. Unfortunately, several years ago our outdoor grill died and we never got around to replacing in until last month. And oh have we been having fun! In addition to all the meat and seafood flavors that a grill elevates spectacularly, there are the vegetables. Zucchini, eggplant, […]

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Project Updates

After a long absence and lack of promised updates, I’m here to catch you up on the latest happenings in the crafting arena! First things first. Although it is stopped at the moment, I am halfway through a beautiful Aran (rhymes with Cairn, like the terrier, and also hails from Scotland) crochet project. It is […]

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A New Family Member

It’s 2 pm on a Friday and we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Amy from Blue Dog Rescue. She’s running late. Friday traffic, of course. I’m so nervous, I feel like I’m meeting an adoptable kid rather than a puppy. “What if he hates me?” keeps spinning in my head. When Amy called earlier that […]

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Clear Your Clutter!

Several years ago as my parents prepared to move from Texas back to California, my husband and I implored them to “edit” their belongings. It was our hopefully polite way of expressing that they had way too much stuff. There were a number of trunks filled with old camera equipment from the 1930s and 1940s […]

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