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Beware of Your Supplements

Dietary supplements are a $23 billion business. That’s a lot of pills and powders, folks. Do you take any? Are they doing you any good? Worse, are they doing harm? I got sucked into taking supplements for several years before the sobering reports started flowing in. I decided to do my own research to separate the facts from […]

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Hurry Up and Relax!

February? How can my last post have been in February? Oh well, that says that I have a lot of catching up to do. School is going very well. I just completed summer school. Not only was the semester really rushed, but I was tasked with managing a slew of house renovations during half of […]

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Aging Parents

One of the hardest things to deal with as we get older is watching our parents age. I’m in an interesting position in this regard. You see, my parents are roughly the age of most of my peers’ grandparents. My folks had me, their only natural-born child, late in life after trying to get pregnant […]

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Where Have I Been?

So much has been happening that my own blog has fallen to the way side. Here’s the accelerated version of what’s gone on these last many months. I spent two miserable months with my foot wrapped and in a boot thanks to an injury while…wait for it…training the puppy on the Down command. He’s still […]

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A Beautiful Baby Afghan

Many, many months ago, I finished a baby afghan for a young couple having their first baby. I figure that I’d better post about the afghan before the child is old enough to go to college! Ha. Most of you know that I came back to crochet after a 20+ year absence. The pattern for […]

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