Where Have I Been?

So much has been happening that my own blog has fallen to the way side. Here’s the accelerated version of what’s gone on these last many months.

I spent two miserable months with my foot wrapped and in a boot thanks to an injury while…wait for it…training the puppy on the Down command. He’s still only so-so on it and I got a stress fracture for my troubles. Sigh.

After keeping my Volvo S-70 for almost 13 years, I finally traded it in. I had been hell-bent on getting a Nissan Leaf electric car. Then I learned that the entire car was essentially a $13,000 Nissan Versa with an electric “engines” and a $40,000 price tag. I looked around. I did some more research. I ended up buying a tricked out Subaru Outback and absolutely love it.

With the aforementioned new vehicle, my husband and I loaded up the dogs and  took a weeklong round trip to California to see the Wrinklies, stopping in Scottsdale to visit our friends, the Blacks. During the several thousand miles, my husband and I talked about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. You see, he had been offered his dream gig, and I didn’t really have much of a company left without my lead developer. Now, I’ve been doing all the books, taxes, and pretty much everything on the backend of the company for about a decade. I’m good at it. I pondered how to parlay that into another career.

Upon returning home in early December, I spoke with the head of the Accounting Department to put a plan together to work toward the courses required to sit the CPA exam. After mulling it over for several weeks, I finally made my decision and registered, paid the tuition, and ordered the books before I could chicken out.

I’m now two weeks into my first semester as a full-time student in 20 years. I’m older than two of  my instructors. One beats me by maybe five years tops. Still, the kids are great. Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and I’m learning a lot.

And that, my friends, is what I’ve been up to lately.

A Beautiful Baby Afghan

Many, many months ago, I finished a baby afghan for a young couple having their first baby. I figure that I’d better post about the afghan before the child is old enough to go to college! Ha.

Most of you know that I came back to crochet after a 20+ year absence. The pattern for this pretty afghan was in a the book that I bought to relearn the basics of the craft.

Fortunately for me, the new mom had already picked out the color palette for the baby’s room and I’m happy to report that this little girl was not going to have to suffer with pink. (I am not fond of pink.) So the color scheme of the baby afghan is lavender. The beautiful base color (the color used most in the pattern) turned out to be identical to the wall color painted in the baby’s room–no, I had not seen it ahead of time. So that was a bit of serendipity. The other two colors are white and a darker purple for accent. I love how the afghan turned out and apparently, so does the baby!

I’ve never been so careful to make sure that each yarn tail was properly secured. I knew that, as an item intended to be used and not set on a shelf for years, it had to be durable. My grandmother taught me that. Every afghan she ever made is still in use today. Grammer, as I called her, passed away in 1993 one month before her 98th birthday. But her handiwork lives on. I wanted to create something with that kind of durability. I hope I have.

The project itself was fairly easy to work anywhere, even with 3 skeins of yarn, because each square created was small and very portable. So it saw trips to my monthly CraftUp group as well as girl nights with friends, etc. It was a top-secret project, so they were all sworn to secrecy as to who it was for and what it was. For me, that’s half the fun of a project: keeping it secret until the big surprise reveal.

I loved working the pattern, too. It’s just so pretty. Here is a bit of the detail:

I think the whole thing, start to finish, took about 2 1/2 months to complete. The only big stressor was: “She’s due WHEN?”  and of course, “Are first babies usually early or late…please let it be late!” But ultimately, I had it done and gifted on time; and by that I mean BEFORE the baby was born.