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The Accidental Runner

My whole life, I told people “I’m not a runner.” When I was in the Air Force, we had to complete an annual 1.5 mile “run” with a minimum time requirement that essentially allowed you to briskly walk most of it, which I did. I happened to married a runner. When he would do this […]

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Absent a Gallbladder

Just a quick update for those who read my previous posts on my gallbladder issues. After 14 years of successfully avoiding gallbladder surgery by simply paying attention to what I put into my pie hole, perimenopause changed everything. Within 6 months of becoming perimenopausal, my gallbladder began attacking me with ongoing frequency, without any change in […]

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Late One Friday Night

It was 11:10 pm on a Friday night. And it sucked. My husband was away at a conference in Dallas. I’d just spent most of the day in the hospital with my mom, whose blood pressure had spiked enough to concern a home-health person. The home-health person called Mom’s PCP (that’s Primary Care Physician, for those of you not […]

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Never Stop Learning

Years ago, as I approached my college graduation, I made a promise to myself (hell, I may have shouted it from the rooftops). I was going to read whatever I wanted to read all summer long. That was my graduation gift to myself. And I did that. For so many years in college as an English […]

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Trouble with Tradespeople

Over years of owning a home, you get used to cultivating a list of reliable tradespeople to take care of those odds and ends tasks that you either are not qualified for or don’t have the time or desire to do. Frankly, I know that I’ve been very fortunate with a majority of the tradespeople I’ve hired. […]

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